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 is looking for partners

The Holistic Health Information service at is looking for opportunities to expand and support the information and services offers people.

Metta is looking for partners and other forms of support, especially within the following areas:

Expand the editorial content and information available at Metta which may include the sale and promotion of holistic books and periodicals commensurate with the ethos and style of Metta.

Assist in providing people with information they can use to enhance and improve their lives.

Provide and promote environmentally sensitive goods and services on line.

Carry out further research and development to expand the potential internet audience reach and thereby build a greater understanding of complementary and alternative health and living.

Provide an urgently needed income stream through advertising and/or appropriate promotion and sponsorship.

Statistical Information

Metta currently receives over 100,000* visitors (sessions) and over 300,000* page views per month.

*Average figures for 3 month period between 1st Oct and 31st Dec 2011

Click for historical page view stats data launched in April 2001 with no advertising and virtually no external promotion so we are very pleased that Metta has grown to be so popular over the last 10 years.

The possibilities of reaching a large audience are clear, if you are interested in promoting awareness, and you would like more information about Metta please use the feedback page to contact Metta with your details and a contact telephone number.

Please note that is very conscious of environmental and emotional issues and is only interested in working with commercial organisations which have an ethical business view, coupled with sound respect for the needs of people and the environment. The aim of Metta is to improve the lives of people. To encourage living in balance with the environment and to 'enhance the future for all.' This is the intention and objective of this web site.

Click here for page impressions and are one in the same.

Current advertising rates and information  also has an international service to allow for expansion and to improve access, as it is hoped the name 'KindToMe' will also have a familiar and memorable ring to it. The site can be visited at: If Metta manages to cover its running costs, it is hoped that this name will provide the same service to the public on an international level.

This information is provided in the interest of open and public access to all information regarding the possible future growth of

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