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The 2009 Calendar from Metta

The 2009 Calendar will be available as soon as possible. Please check back in the coming weeks. (SEE BELOW)

The 2009 calendar from has been improved and updated this year and now includes the New Moon and Full Moon Phases. It can be printed on virtually any printer.

Simply download and print it!

What you will need to produce your free calendar.

1) A Hole Punch! Or a sharp object to make two holes at the top of your calendar.
2) A treasury tag or a short piece of string tied through the holes.
3) Somewhere to hang your Free 2005 calendar.
4) Some paper, standard or HQ satin A4 paper.

5) If you do not already have the Acrobat Reader software on your PC or MAC etc. You will need to download the reader which is available Free from Adobe)Abobe


2005 Calendar Download (TEMP)

Click to preview the 2004 Calendar

PDF - A cross platform format.Click here to download (Location 1)
(2004met.pdf - 1.59 MB (1,674,644 bytes))

PDF - A cross platform format.TEMPORARY 2005 CALENDAR DOWNLOAD
Click here to download (Location 2)
(temp2005.pdf - 573 KB (586,873 bytes))

PDF - A cross platform format.Click here to download (Location 3)
(2004met.pdf - 1.59 MB (1,674,644 bytes))

Approximate download times:
0 Mins 20 seconds
(or less!) with ADSL Broadband/Cable modem
2 Mins 30 seconds with 56K modem
4 Mins 45 seconds with 28K modem

2004 Calendar Images

Send your feedback about the Metta Calendar


If you have some quality glossy, satin or plain A4 paper and a colour printer you will get the best results. However, a standard ink jet or laser printer with standard plain paper will produce the calendar for you.

Please drop us an email and let us know how you get on and any suggested improvements for next years calendar.

You can also order a printed and bound copy of the 2009 Calendar by sending an Feedback to Metta stating the number of copies required at 7.99 each plus P&P with your name, address and contact telephone number.




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