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This is where we'll announce the most recent major events at Metta. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look in WHAT'S NEW first.

Investors/Visitors Info Establishes Internet Presence

See Press release 1 for more details. has run into trouble

See Press release 2 for more details

Press Releases

These are the press releases we've issued over the years.

Mar 2001 -- Press Release 1

Nov 2003 -- Press Release 2

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Red Magazine
Article on Buddhist meditation
Aug 2007

Red Magazine - Aug 2007.


Top Sante Magazine
Article on Kum Nye
Feb 2007


The Diversity Training Handbook
Phil Clements and John Jones
Feb 2006

DTM book.


Daily Om
Issue: 17th Jan 2005

Article on Tibetan Relaxation (Kum Nye) practice.


York Evening Press
Issue - Oct 2004

Article on Campaign for Truth in Medicine.


The Times
Issue: 17 May 2003
A brief mention in the Weekend Times

The Times


Issue: 3 December 2002
Within a article on Kum Nye Metta was mentioned as a source of further information. Metro  readership is in excess of 1,000,000



Zest Magazine
Issue: October 2002
Metta gets a mention within this national publication with a readership in excess of 300,000.



Now Magazine
Issue: 24 Apr 2002
A brief mention within an article about holistic health including Buddhist retreats.
Circulation 530,000 and a readership of around 1,000,000. So a special thank you to NOW. Maybe what many people think of as 'alternative' lifestyles are now working there way into the mainstream consciousness.

Now, An IPC publication.


E-Commerce Essentials
2001 - Although this is not necessarily the sort of coverage we have been hoping for, Metta is pleased to say that this web site is featured in a technical book published by Microsoft Press which is called, E-Commerce Essentials with Microsoft FrontPage.

Given that Metta is a non commercial web site we are very pleased.  Perhaps it is because Metta has been designed to be easy to use and features many desirable qualities covered in the book that are perhaps missing on many high tech profit hungry web sites. We can only say a big thank you to the author Greg Holden. More book info

 E-Commerce Essentials from Microsoft Press.

Note: We hope to introduce a small (E-Commerce) store in the near future offering the opportunity to buy goods a reasonable prices.




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